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Basket of Organic Vegetables

Sonrisa Baby Food

Our sole mission is to create small batch baby food for small sonrisas (smiles in Spanish). We want parents to feel good and confident about what they are feeding their children without spending hours in the kitchen, grocery store or farmer's market. We do that for you :-) 

Sonrisa pouches are tasty, nutritious and convenient! Bigger kids can easily eat a pouch as a quick after-school snack or before soccer practice. Smaller littles can be either spoon fed this goodness straight from the pouch or from a bowl. 

They say it takes a village to raise children and we would love to be part of your village. Happy feedings!

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I was a new mom handling lots of diaper changes, bottle feedings, laundry in between conference calls, cleaning the house, loading and unloading the dishwasher, walking the dog, brushing the does anyone have the time to make fresh baby food? I couldn't be the only parent that needed other options, so here we are today! Each batch of baby puree is crafted with ingredients that are key to baby's development. You won't find any added sugar or preservatives in Sonrisa foods and all purees are organic (unless otherwise noted). When seasonally available, select fruits and veggies will be locally sourced from farms within Phoenix. Sonrisas (smiles) all around!

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